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Block Royale

Eliminate your opponents in this fast-paced-action-packed-survival game, to achieve victory and claim the spoils of war. There can be only one hero or team standing when the crimson curtain hits the ground.

About the game

Once in a while, a portal opens to a special game world – the BR Arena.

Dive in, we dare you. You’ll find yourself gracefully descending from the sky while you survey the lands to select your ideal landing spot. Enjoy that moment of peace, because once your feet touch the ground you’ll be plunged into an intense battle for loot and powerful equipment.As expected, life in this world ain’t easy, and at given intervals of time the playable area of the map will shrink, pushing you closer to your enemies. Needless to say, they ain’t waiting for you in a bed of roses, so be prepared!

Intense battle to the very end

Gather and upgrade the best equipment on the battlefield. Collect power-ups and build combat facilities to overcome your foes. You can deal with this harsh reality alone or with your friends in a team of three.

Choose your champion

Pick one of the available warrior classes that best suits your playstyle. Are you a one-man army or a silent assassin who strikes from the shadows? Or maybe you’re a mysterious alien psychic who can suck the life out of his enemies...

Battle with style!

Choose the best outfit that expresses your inner self. Unlock and collect multiple cosmetic skins and items that will carry across other games as interoperable NFTs.









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