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Enhancing the power of play through blockchain

Best is a decentralised Ethereum Layer 2, built to empower digital assets, NFT and blockchain gaming.

The comprehensive blockchain gaming platform

Best combines a gaming platform with applications, tools and scaling infrastructure needed to bring blockchain gaming to life.

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Games & Applications

We believe in open and equitable access, enabling more people to build, experience and enjoy the benefits of blockchain and the metaverse.


We make digital asset trading and blockchain gaming easy with our all-in-one platform.

Infrastructure & Tools

Our Ethereum L2 scaling solution provides reliability, scalability and security. Making it easy for developers to build and manage their projects.

Best is the backbone of blockchain gaming

We bring together everything that is required to build a decentralized, scalable and secure digital asset and blockchain gaming platform

Best Infrastructure

Myria’s Ethereum L2 scaling solution uses ZK-Rollup to enable dApps to achieve unlimited scale, low transaction fees without sacrificing on security.

Best Partners

Best help project partners set up for success. Learn more about our easy-to-use, full stack solution and Contact Us today.

Best Studios

Best Studios creates a range of free-to-play AAA games that spans across an entire interconnected ecosystem.

Best Nodes

The Best platform is supported by Best Nodes. Being a Best Node operator means that you will receive limited edition NFTs, token rewards and more.

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Become a Best node owner & receive rewards

Receive $Best and limited edition NFT rewards whilst supporting the Best network


Join Best in building the next blockchain revolution

Learn more about our job current openings and see how you can get involved!

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